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 professional Permit Expediter Services in Palm Beach County, FL

​The PERMIT Specialists  

The ORIGINAL Permit Runners in Palm Beach County FL, since 1988


The Permit expediters at the permit specialists are the people to see for permit service in palm beach county, Florida
with extensions throughout the State of Florida for all your permit service needs.

since 1988, THE PERMIT SPECIALIST, has actively coordinated the efforts between  Owners, General contractors, Architects, Engineer & designers, and their appropriate Governmental permit department, as the liaison  between. we ensure the client will be provided with the most experienced  permit expediter to obtain their permits within  palm beach county, fl

We bring our 30 Years of experience into each of our construction projects. We have the knowledge. We are the experts. 
As your liaison, we procure your permit packages for submission, facilitate your plans daily, through each governmental department, and accelerate your plan review approvals. We coordinate the submission of corrections, quicken your revisions and even schedule your inspections when requested. 

We will obtain your Permit, Certificate of Occupancy and handle all your court recordation's to ensure that your crucial permits are obtained in an expeditious manner. We even calculate your permit fees! 
We handle all the “RED TAPE.” 
We handle it all. 

We are more than just “PERMIT RUNNERS!” 
We are the “ORIGINAL” PERMIT expediter in west palm beach, palm beach county, fl
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The Building Permit Specialists Palm Beach County and Martin County FLORIDA